How to Vote

A quick look into how to actually figure out who to vote for
March 10, 2023 by
How to Vote

Voting patterns would wildly change in every state if more people read the transcripts of local, state, and congressional meetings without knowing who said what, then revealing who said what at the end of the discussions.

With things like ChatGPT, use the prompt "summarize this" then paste the paragraph(s) to make it an easy read if you need to.

These 'leaders' are supposed to be representing YOUR voice... YOU are THEIR BOSS.

You owe it to yourself, every tax you pay goes to them, then they decide how to spend it.

Mind you, most people in these positions are paid ~220K a year, yet for some reason, many of them can afford multi-million-dollar homes and luxury cars.

Basic mathematics tells us, that's bad spending habits, which means you have proof they can't do the math required to balance the tax dollars...

Alternatively? They are up to something. This shouldn't be the first conclusion for any candidate, this country is supposed to give everyone a fair chance, so give them one too.

If the math doesn't add up, do some digging. Don't vote for them if how they got their cash is unclear.

If how they got their cash isn't out in the open, they either prefer to be private, or they are hiding something. Either way, they shouldn't be in charge of public budgets, you have no proof they know what they are doing.

Here's everything you need to be informed:

Watching the news to get your opinion is like copying the dumb kid's homework just before class, don't do that - go to the source:
If you need it per state, just go to the official .gov of your state and use the search function for 'Meetings' or 'Transcripts'.

Use this format in chatGPT to summarize:

Summarize this in list format, highlight all key information: (Paste the paragraphs here)

Politicians are Insane

I wish you all success, I don't pick 'political sides', anyone who WANTS a job in politics is likely to be an egotistical maniac and/or stupid. To have the audacity to stand in front of billions of people and say "Yea, I can run this whole thing" is moronic.

The Mythical Politician

A more appropriate approach would be 'I will listen to you all with the best of my ability and try my best to represent what the majority wants' - but I don' think we'll ever see that with the way things are currently run.

We really need to stop voting for dumb people, and really need to stop voting for shady cashflow holders. It's only going to get worse if we stay on this path. History is simply repeating itself at this point, look into previous fallen empires, the whole world is on track to fail, not just the USA. Trying to 'conquer a fraction of a moat of dust in the endless vacuum of space', as Carl Sagan might say. Quite a mundane, and uneducated effort when you really zoom out a bit.

Be kind, share love, appreciate those around you, and help one another. We're on the same ball of dust together.