A Big List of AI Projects

Made by Meelie.Art - The Cover art for the book 'The Crossroads of AI Integration'

The Crossroads of AI Integration

My wife Meelie, CEO of Kief Studio and I wrote a book to assist business owners and professionals understand and prepare themselves for this new technology being integrated into most facets of life. The resource assumes nothing, it just provides high level overviews for the implications, both good and bad, of integrating AI into society. The 560+ page book is free. If you'd like a copy, reach out.

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A Friendly Note about AI Projects

Heading into AI projects requires a blend of curiosity and caution. It's perfectly fine to explore these tools without prior AI knowledge. However, it's crucial to understand that we're not affiliated with any listed projects unless specifically noted.

We strongly advise reviewing the terms, conditions, and privacy policies of each tool you engage with.

Avoid sharing sensitive data and be wary of installing unverified plugins or applications. Conducting some background research on platforms like X, Reddit or Quora can help.

Remember, when a product like this is free, they are making money on it somehow. Ensure you're making informed decisions about which projects to use, and how to use them.

Hugging Face Logo

Hugging Face

No list would be complete without Hugging Face. Yes, they really did use that name, and yes, they really did just use a basic emoji as their logo.

They made a really cool platform if you're a little nerdy - if you're familiar with Github, you'll love the whole site. If you're not familiar with Github, you'll likely be confused by the site, give it some time, it'll be worth it. If you don't want to spend time learning the platform and just want to play with AI, then you'll like the Hugging Face Spaces page a lot.

See Hugging Face Spaces

NVIDIA Developer logo


NVIDIA makes probably the most in demand compute tools in the world right now... graphics cards. Not for gaming, it's actually because of the architecture they use to process information fast, like AI systems.

If you're nerdy, and you use windows, you'll like this link

RAG on Windows



Description: Claude is an AI chatbot that is more human like and imaginative. It also has a very large context window, meaning, it can write and understand larger amounts of text.

Link: https://console.anthropic.com


Description: ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI, is an AI chatbot based on the GPT-4 language model, capable of assisting with writing, summarizing, and answering questions.

Link: https://chat.openai.com


Description: Offers an AI chatbot for creative prompt ideation, generating ideas for writing, brainstorming, or other creative endeavors.

Link: https://www.perplexity.ai/


Description: An AI chatbot that assists with writing and content creation, generating text for various contexts.

Link: https://gemini.google.com


Description: An educational chatbot by Google, answering questions, explaining concepts, and assisting with learning.

Link: https://socratic.org/


Adobe Firefly:

Description: Adobe Firefly is a creative platform that allows users to collaborate on design projects, create visual content, and share ideas. It provides tools for graphic design, illustration, and animation.

Link: https://firefly.adobe.com/

AI Room Planner:

Description: AI Room Planner is a tool that assists users in designing and planning interior spaces. It uses artificial intelligence to suggest furniture layouts, color schemes, and decor options for rooms.

Link: https://airoomplanner.com


Description: Catbird is an AI-powered cybersecurity platform that helps organizations detect and prevent security threats. It provides real-time monitoring, threat intelligence, and automated responses to protect sensitive data.

Link: https://www.catbird.ai/


Description: Craiyon is an online collaborative whiteboard tool. It allows users to draw, write, and share ideas in real time. It’s commonly used for brainstorming, teaching, and remote collaboration.

Link: https://www.craiyon.com/


Description: DeepAI is an artificial intelligence platform that offers various tools and APIs for tasks such as image recognition, natural language processing, and generative models. Developers can integrate DeepAI services into their applications.

Link: https://deepai.org


Description: Freeflo is an AI-driven platform for automating business processes. It helps streamline workflows, improve efficiency, and reduce manual tasks by using machine learning and natural language processing.

Link: https://freeflo.ai/


Description: Lexica is an art and design platform that combines creativity with artificial intelligence. It allows artists to create digital artworks, explore generative art, and experiment with different styles.

Link: https://lexica.art


Description: Luma Labs offers AI-powered solutions for video editing and post-production. Luma’s tools enhance video quality, stabilize footage, and automate editing tasks.

Link: https://lumalabs.ai

Magic Studio:

Description: Magic Studio is a creative software suite that includes tools for 3D modeling, animation, and visual effects. It’s commonly used by artists, animators, and game developers.

Link: https://magicstudio.com


Description: Piggy is a financial management app that helps users track expenses, set budgets, and save money. It uses AI algorithms to analyze spending patterns and provide personalized financial advice.

Link: https://piggy.to


Description: Playground is a creative space for experimenting with code, music, and interactive art. It encourages playful exploration and learning through hands-on projects.

Link: https://playground.com

Skybox (Blackade Labs):

Description: Skybox, developed by Blackade Labs, is a virtual reality (VR) platform for immersive experiences. It allows users to explore 360-degree environments, create VR content, and interact with virtual objects.

Link: https://www.blockadelabs.com

This House Does Not Exist:

Description: This House Does Not Exist is a website that generates realistic images of fictional houses using generative adversarial networks (GANs). Each image is unique and does not correspond to any real-world location.

Link: https://thishousedoesnotexist.org


Description: Visily is an AI-powered visual search engine. Users can upload images or describe objects, and Visily will find visually similar items from various online sources.

Link: https://www.visily.ai