About HxHippy

Computer Scientist, Master Certified in Cannabis, Accredited Holistic Herbalist.

About Me

Hey, what's up? My name is HxHippy, Hx is derived from the Hardcore music scene, and Hippy, because I'm pretty much a hippy. A lot of friends and family started using hippy too, so I guess it stuck. My wife and I run Kief Studio together.

I hold an Accredited Certification for Holistic Herbalism from the International Association of Therapists, a Master Certification for Cannabis, which deals with the legalized market, growing, operating a business in the space, the endocannabinoid system, terpenes, and a lot of the nerdy stuff about the cannabis plant.

I finished college while in high school for computer science. I always had a solid understanding of the inner workings of computers, I started out by using DOS and Lotus when I was little. Once i figured out I could play games on it, the rest was history, I was hooked.

I've been playing music since age 6, guitar mostly. I play a lot of blues, metal, rock, folk, grunge, and alternative.

Website Associations

  • HxHippy - This site
  • Qurtoo - AI Training (Included free for Kief Studio clients, for now)
  • Stoner Boston - A blog my wife and I run. We interview a bunch of people on a podcast type of thing then kick out the content, film dispensaries, hear people's stories etc
  • Hippy TV - My wife runs this now, it's a clothing shop with really cool edgy stuff.
  • Kief Studio - I'm the CTAO of https://kief.studio, it's a full media design and marketing studio my wife and I run. She's the CEO.
  • Weedly FYI - link shortening platform, full API etc, so cannabis companies and influencers can make sure their links don't suck.