About Hippy

HxHippy playing guitar in the studio
HxHippy playing guitar in the studio

Hey, what's up? My name is HxHippy, Hx is derived from the Hardcore music scene, and Hippy, because I'm pretty much a hippy. A lot of friends and family started using hippy too, so I guess it stuck. Anyway, I'm a master certified cannabis expert. I'm all about tech, music, and video, and my true passion is holistic herbalism.

I hold an Accredited Certification for Holistic Herbalism from the International Association of Therapists, and I gotta tell you, it's been a game-changer for me. Holistic herbalism is all about using natural remedies to promote wellness and balance in the body. It's not just about treating symptoms, it's about addressing the root causes of health issues and bringing the body back into a state of harmony.

I picked up a master certification for cannabis, basically it covers all of the bases for operating a cannabis business, opening one, growing dank weed, minding the terpenes, being able to run classes to train employees and teach consumers, and following whatever regulations the state has on it. I've studied everything from the science of cannabis to the legal and regulatory landscape, and I've got the skills and expertise to help people make informed decisions about cannabis use.

But my work goes beyond just helping people understand the benefits and risks of cannabis. As a holistic herbalist, I believe in treating the whole person, not just their symptoms. That means taking a comprehensive approach to health and wellness that includes nutrition, exercise, stress management, and other lifestyle factors.

Along with building a plan for the right herbal remedies, I can help make sure you stay on track and get the results you're after as far as wellness goes. I'm not a doctor, so if you've got any medical stuff you gotta run whatever I help out with by them to make sure you can stay healthy while you take the suggestions into practice.

When I'm not working with cannabis or herbs, you can usually find me making music. I love playing guitar and exploring different genres, from metal and grunge to blues and folk. I'm always experimenting with new software and plugins to create the perfect sound, and my favorites include Studio One, Izotope, and Positive Grid.

If you're interested in learning more about holistic herbalism or cannabis, feel free to reach out! I'm always happy to share my knowledge and expertise with others who are passionate about these topics.

Website Associations

  • HxHippy - This site
  • Qurtoo - AI Integrations (Reserved for Kief Studio clients, for now)
  • Stoner Boston - A blog my wife and I run. We interview a bunch of people on a podcast type of thing then kick out the content, film dispensaries, hear people's stories etc, it's cool. Sub to this one, it's a doosie.
  • Cannabis Design Agency - Random website I made that's fully AI automated, just to see what'll happen, I saw everyone all like 'No, don't do that! It's going to suck!' so, I said whatever and decided to see what would actually happen instead of guessing and listening to a bunch of random people scared they would lose their jobs to this stuff 🤣
  • Dispensary Marketing Agency - Another fully AI automated
  • Marijuana Web Design Agency - Another random one, who knows, could wind up cool, probably will turn into a landing page or something.
  • Budtender Careers - Not used yet, but I think you can guess what it's for
  • Cannabis Advertising Agency - Same, likely to wind up as a landing page
  • Cannabis Marketing Design - likely to wind up as a landing page
  • Cannabis Web Design - Ai generated
  • Cannabis Web Design Net - This one is for cheap stuff, just to help out the smaller companies that don't really have a lot of cash on hand get online the right way
  • Cannabis Writing - Blog posting service so dispensaries can rank for good keywords, we don't AI this one, kind of needs the human touch to it.
  • Dispensary Boston - No idea, it was a cool domain so I bought it.
  • Dispensary Day - same, no idea lol
  • Dispensary FYI - I was thinking about turning this into just a huge FAQ page for common stuff people ask about dispensaries, it'll probably be cool if I get around to it.
  • Dispensary Marketing Agency - another automated one, lol let's see what happens with it
  • Grass Boston - random, sounds like a lawn care company though, so I'll probably just build that and then flip it.
  • Hippy TV - My wife runs this now, it's a clothing shop with really cool edgy stuff.
  • Hotbox City - Social media network and an app and stuff, I'll probably make it public when I've got enough time to run it.
  • HxCoding - Dev site, we don't really use this for client facing stuff, but it's easier to work off this nano server instead of the other one. This was used in the Kief Studio 'beforetimes'...
  • Kief Studio - I'm the COO of https://kief.studio, it's a full media design and marketing studio my wife and I run for the Cannabis industry. She's the CEO.
  • Marijuana Events - You can guess what this one will be by the name... Basically just an event calendar so everyone knows what is going on.
  • Marijuana Web Design - another landing page likely here...
  • Marijuana Web Design Agency - same for this one...
  • Metalhead TV - This one was cool once, but I ran out of time to run it and keep Kief Studio going, so I let it go offline. It's basically just a glorified interface for youtube content containing metal music, but bands can get monetary subscriptions that they set the price for, so if they want to sell an album for 15 bucks, they can. We took a 7% cut, which covered the server costs and threw a couple bucks our way for the platform. They could sell whatever, price was the same, and they could use HippyTV to make merch if they wanted to. I'll revive it at some point, just a timing issue to keep it running.
  • MJinma - probably just a tourist style page, so potheads can find weed when they visit without dealing with a bunch of ads for bad stuff, the community can just tell people 'That weeds good, that one sucks etc..."
  • Myrhc - Was a client's site a long time ago, but they shut down the project. I kept the domain because I like it.
  • Restore Health Center - Same as last one, it was tied to this project.
  • Weed Observer - got them premium domains, dude.
  • Weedly FYI - link shortening platform, full API etc, so cannabis companies and influencers can make sure their links don't suck.